Work Gallery

Here are a few pictures of some CUSTOM projects we have done! Check us out on Facebook/Instagram and give us a call to discuss your new custom project! CALL (260) 589-8510!

Rambling Craftsman

Rambling Craftsman IMG_2153 IMG_2149 IMG_2145 IMG_1944 IMG_1939 IMG_1924 IMG_1874

Hobby Barn

IMG_1662 IMG_1657 IMG_1645 IMG_1637 IMG_1629 IMG_1621

Rustic Farmhouse

IMG_2290 IMG_2287 IMG_2279 IMG_2239 IMG_2233 IMG_2213

Subtle Home

IMG_1756 IMG_1752 IMG_1749 IMG_1740 IMG_1736 IMG_1708